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Meet Brian Miller

Welcome to ChiMil Photos!

Based In Jacksonville, FL, servicing Jacksonville and surrounding areas in Northeast Florida.

Hello, My name is Brian Miller, and I have always loved looking at pictures of people, places, and events. I have been specializing in photography and it has allowed me to expand my talent to now do Wedding and Engagement photography. I decided to learn how to better use the features of a full DSLR camera, and what started as a hobby has turned into a true passion of mine. I have a strong passion for letting my photos tell a story and capture the emotions of people and beauty of nature. ChiMil Photos focuses on Wedding, Engagement, Portrait, Black & White, City, and Landscape Photography. I originally am from Chicago, and you'll see a lot of that influence in my portfolio. I am excited to introduce my services to the Jacksonville, FL area. If you are interested in learning more about my services, pricing, or about any other photos or projects I have ongoing, please send me a message below or contact me at or via call or text at (224) 639-3994. I'd love to chat!

Please be advised that I am only responding to inquiries regarding photography services or products I provide.

- Brian

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Phone: 224-639-3994

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