Our Process

ChiMil Photos

I capture the essence of emotions and stories of real life. My style is candid and natural photography and my pictures will tell a story and allow you to relive your timeless memories. I look forward to collaborating with you. I offer customized packages with a range of 2 - 8+ hour coverage depending on the event (ex. Wedding). Once you've planned your event (ex. Wedding date, hours, venue, etc.) I will create the best package for you so it better aligns with your event(s). Below are the steps of for how we will work together:


Reach Out

Tell us what photography services you are looking for? We can be reached via email, phone, or contact form. *Links below.


Once you've planned your event (ex. Wedding venue, date, hours, etc.) let's schedule an appointment via phone/online to learn about each other and better understand your needs so I can create a package tailored to you.

DESIGN & booking

Once package is created and agreed upon, ChiMil Photos will provide a contract agreement that customer will sign and that officially confirms the booking.

Day of the shoot

We will meet at the agreed location and time. Depending on the event, I will coordinate the movements and staging of the setting as necessary for the purposes of the photography. I can accommodate various settings.

Delivery of photos

Digital Photo delivery options include the following options:

Option 1 - Photos delivered via web link to a shared drive directory that will be available for at least 60 days. Files can be retrieved and downloaded freely as needed. 

Option 2 - Photos delivered on a USB flash drive. *Client will be responsible for costs associated with purchase of flash drive and any postage needed.